Tapping is for you if...

You feel like you are just surviving in an environment that is physically and emotionally exhausting.

You are a caregiver to others, but do not give to yourself.

You don't take the time needed for your own self-care.

You feel like you are in a hole with no way out and you need something that will get you out of the darkness that isn’t a short-term fix.

You feel isolated and lonely.

How Tapping supports me...

Tapping has become a fundamental element in my self care tool kit.

As a busy mum I love tapping because:

  • It's easy to understand and learn the tapping points.
  • I can do short tapping sessions for quick regulation and longer more detailed tapping scripts when I have time.
  • The positive impact from tapping is instant and continuous.
  • Given its simplicity I am teaching tapping to my daughters to have in their self care toolkits.

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How Tapping can support you...

✓ Work on a specific challenge that you are currently facing in a safe non-judgmental setting.

✓ Clear stuck emotions, get to the root of the problem and make permanent changes.

✓ You will have renewed confidence that life is good now and the expectation that it will get better.

Through Tapping I can help you find acceptance and inner peace so you can live a healthier life in tandem with your child.