• Release & Restore

    ✓ Work on a specific challenge that you are currently facing in a safe non-judgmental setting.

    ✓ Clear stuck emotions, get to the root of the problem and make permanent changes

    ✓ You will have renewed confidence that life is good now and the expectation that it will get better.

    Investment in You: €300

  • Rediscover & Reconnect

    ✓ My 6 session package will bring you to the next level of rediscovery and connection.

    ✓ You will work on your limiting beliefs and finally feel great about being you at the end of the session.

    ✓ You will have renewed clarity about who you are and your passions.

    Investment in you: €580


I used to be just like you...

I get it.

I remember feeling like I was part of a community yet felt so alone.

I know the mental load of your parenting experience can be exhausting sometimes.

I too experienced the weariness of living in the uncertainty of day-to-day life.

Please know that I understand you and believe you when you say how difficult your life is.

  • M - Dublin

    I have just completed 4 weeks of 1:1 Sessions with Grainne which included Reiki, Tapping, Card Pulling and chats! From the moment i walked into the room Grainne made me feel so welcome and instantly at ease. She explained the whole process to me in advance so I knew what to expect as I had never done anything like that before and was a little nervous. I absolutely loved the Reiki, tapping and the chat and it worked wonders for me. I felt so much lighter and relaxed after each session. Grainne listened to me and understood what I was going through I couldn't recommend Grainne's 1:1 sessions enough. I am so happy I have taken the first step in my self care journey and have done this for ME!

  • B - Kildare

    I've had a lot of stress and upset in my personal life over the last few years. I contacted Grainne about some healing therapies as part of my healing journey and signed up to the release & Restore package including Reiki & Tapping. Grainne is a very genuine , positive and warm person and has definitely found her true calling. Her guidance & wisdom was amazing and she will forever more be a positive influence on me. She is extremely passionate about what she does and I wish her every success into the future.

  • H - Dublin

    Thank you Grainne for the best sessions. I can't actually explain in words the difference I'm feeling except to say lighter and even that feels like the wrong word.....I am in 100% more of a better place. Thank you so much for everything!

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The change starts with you...

I’m here to let you know that I see you and I understand you.

You CAN feel better, I can provide opportunities to bring more peace and calm into your life. In my 1:1 sessions it is my intention to support you with my knowledge and experience, to assist you kickstart your self-care routine and to give you the tools you need to live a calmer joyful life.