Why EFT Tapping & Mindfulness in Schools

One of my passions is introducing Tapping to kids in order to give them a tool to foster and develop emotional self-regulation. By teaching kids how to tap, you are not only helping them to alleviate stress in the moment and create new neural pathways around resilience and positivity, but giving them a tool that is literally "at their fingertips" to apply anytime, anywhere for any issue.  Tapping can increase focus and concentration, leading to better information retention and listening skills  

Practicing mindfulness can help kids notice their emotions and shift to more neutral thinking, like how their breath feels as they inhale and exhale. When we teach mindfulness to kids, we equip them with tools to build self-esteem, manage stress, and skilfully approach challenges.

Why do our children need a self care toolkit.....

To help them cope - Tapping can play a major part in helping kids release fear, anxiety, trauma, and doubt in a matter of minutes.

To help them recover - Having a self care toolkit that is soothing and healing will help them process and move through their feeling & thoughts, sensations & responses.

✓To build a protective buffer from future challenges - Proactively topping up their energy bank will keep them feeling more resiliant and capable.

To allow them to be their best self - Self care is a means by which we become a better version of ourselves. By practicing self care we are supporting our children to be resilient, kinder, more patient, and more productive.

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What to expect at my workshop...

✓I use a combination of mindfulness activities and crafts, story books, and tapping to introduce and work through all the emotions.

✓By going slowly. I concentrate on one issue at a time so as not to create an overwhelm and to allow better cognitive understanding of their improvement.

✓I introduce tapping in a light hearted manner, I don't force the children to work on things unless they are open to it. I encourage the children to tap on themselves as this creates confidence in their ability to self regulate.

✓By making it fun! For younger children I use the words magic buttons to describe the tapping points and refer to their fingers as a magic wand.

✓By showing the children how they can recognise and build on their own strengths and values they will be better placed to shine, boosting self-esteem and well-being.

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